Chicken Fat for Schmaltz

Chicken Fat for Schmaltz

Flavor-packed pastured chicken fat for use in making schmaltz (that tastes like fried chicken!)
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Schmaltz is essentially rendered chicken fat that has an amazing buttery consistency. Once it's rendered down, it can be comparable to lard, but with a tantalizing fried chicken flavor. 

Schmaltz can be your secret weapon used in any place that you use other healthy cooking fats, including butter, lard, coconut oil, as well as olive oil. Think amazingly deep flavored stir fries and incredible pie crusts. Or use it in your cast iron when frying eggs, veggies, or meats! 

If you are looking to add healthy fats into your diet, look no further! Pastured chicken (and it's fat) has an impressive amount of nutrients, and the fat is where the flavor's at! 

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