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Health from the land!

If you get advice for staying healthy, a few things become repetitive: get exercise, eat well, get fresh air, wash your hands, and get plenty of sleep. This is  what our animals get every day: exercise, species-appropriate diet, fresh air, a clean pasture spot, and plenty of time and space to relax. We raise our chickens in a shelter called a "chicken tractor" that gets moved every day to a new spot on the pasture, to encourage hygiene, health, and happiness!

Why is this important for you? 

First, healthy foods! Studies have shown pastured chicken contains:
• 50% more Vitamin A
• Up to 8 times the Vitamin D
• Up to 4 times the Vitamin E...
• Over 30% less saturated fat
• Over 25% fewer calories
...than commercially raised chicken.*

Most of these nutritional benefits come from the bird's exposure to sunlight and inclusion of fresh greens and bugs in their diet. This method of raising chickens eliminates the need for antibiotics or hormones, so you can be confident in the food you feed your family!

*Nutrient comparison based on studies by the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (www.apppa.org)

Want to know even more about how our chickens are raised?

We keep our chicks in a deep-mulch brooder for 2-3 weeks so they can develop feathers to help keep them warm. If the temperature dips, we use heat lamps to keep the chicks in a stable, warm environment. In this deep-mulch situation, the chicks are able to practice their desire to scratch, while finding natural sources of protein (though the little critters and bugs) while they are at it! For all of these reasons, the chicks thrive! 


Once on pasture, birds are housed in a portable coop, called a tractor, to protect them from the elements and predators. This coop is moved daily to ensure a clean environment for the birds and fresh greens for them to eat. They have all the fresh air and sunshine they could ask for, as well as shade on a hot day. They are supplemented with a locally sourced grain mixture to keep them growing well.

Our poultry are harvested in our on-farm processing facility. We take great care in our processing, as we know this is where the threat of contamination is greatest. Birds are packaged, labeled, and frozen. We add nothing to our poultry when processed, to limit any risk of chemical or allergic reactions for our customers. Minimal processing also ensures the amazing flavor shines through.

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